Thursday, 3 February 2011

Storage and Display Solutions for your Crafts.

Following on from the other day I have come up with this as a design for Ribbons, Thread and a Jig for tieing bows.

This is the beginning of a range that can be adapted for different uses. The largest is the ribbon display with 3 dowels to hold spools of up to 4 inches diameter shown above.

Here you can see the dowels
protruding from the side of the
carcase for ease of removal
so you can add and remove spools.

The back is rebated into the carcase 
 I just think this looks far better than  
 having it stapled or nailed on            



I made this today it is stepped so you can view your threads easily and comprises of 11 handy pegs to display your threads, much easier than digging through a tin or a bag to find a colour.

Last but not least a handy jig to help make bows. Will make you feel like you have an extra pair of hands.

9 holes spaced 1" apart so you can tie different sized bows.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New: Concept Ribbon Rack.

Well lets just see I will try and start our blog and see how it goes.

Recently I have been toying with some ideas about making craft displays and storage solutions for crafters. So today I got off my backside and went and made a Prototype. I'm not the sort of person that sits about and draws a design first, what I do is make it then take notes on how I can adapt it and jot down measurements etc.

This is the basic principle but after looking at it I have decided that the top and bottom look too heavy and will incorporate the routered top and bottom into the main carcase. This will also reduce the overall weight for postage.

The basis of this design will be adaptable and I should be able to make different variations of this either wider, taller and deeper for uses like storing paper etc.

Well I think that will do for a start, I tried to post some other pictures but it wouldn't let me.


Ahh I added another pic :)