Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Shed renovation, Part Deux The Sequel.

Just when you think you have enough space something comes along and kicks that idea into touch. Yes we invested in a new lathe and its a tad bigger than the ones we had before so this set up of sheds / workshops is no longer working for us. So what follows is work in progress of our shed renovation the sequel, who said the second part isn't as good as the first?

How we looked a few days ago!

Part of the contents of the small white shed under cover.

The dead space between the sheds, there is more to the back and other side next to the fence. Time to reclaim the land.

Someone with a hammer came along and took great pleasure in dismantling the small shed.

And this folks is the end of day one!

Hopefully if the weather is ok I will manage to level the ground off tomorrow and start laying the slabs.

Keep an eye on what we are up to and see the progress of the new workshop.