Saturday, 25 February 2012

I really don't understand...

...the British buying public.

I personally pride myself on quality when making my products and take pride in the knowledge that someone is getting a product that has been carefully considered to suit the purpose it is designed for. But, and this is where I am not quite getting to grips with things. Last year I started designing and making ribbon racks & various different crafter's tools.

Ribbon Rack.

But I recently found someone else making them and I hate to say it but the quality of workmanship just is not, in my opinion, as good. The difference is that they are selling them and I was not when I was making them. I stopped making them because the only way I could sell them was by reducing the price so I was just breaking even. It seemed pointless carrying on and made me feel the effort I put in just didn't seem appreciated. So what is it with price versus quality? Why do people prefer buying lower quality for what is in fact only slightly less than what I charge? Or is it that I don't push hard enough? I feel that if I keep pushing people will get annoyed with me. Am I wrong in thinking this and should I have pushed harder?

As a lot of you know I am trying to gain funding from( Enterprise Nation. When I get this I hope to replace some tools and get a new machine that will help me. I really want to start producing items again as I have ground to a halt. Please take a moment and pop along to vote for me as I have been trying for 4 months now to gain this small grant.