Monday, 2 May 2011

Donna's 1st international commission & Hand made Monday

We are onto week 14 of handmade Monday and we are joining in with Wendy at 1st Uniqie Gifts and this week I havent really had a lot to do, Coughs thats a lie if I ever heard one. Ok se we have had our share of small issues this week one being the lack of a bandsaw blade which I really needed to to make items for an event we are attending on the 8th of May in Edinburgh ( Anyway I will be sure to update next Monday with what happend on the day. I know this week is going to be a nightmare trying to get stuff finished for Saturday.

This week My wife and I were asked to make a lidded box and a chalice for a customer in the USA as a gift for their girlfriend. After seeing something similar on our website and contacting Donna (her 1st international commission) on facebook they wanted a darker timber so we suggested walnut to him which he agreed to. Below you will see the Chalice being worked on by me and the finished articles (already viewed by the client).

Donna decided to take pictures.

Walnut held in place with hot glue.

Lidded Box by Donna

Chalice by Drew
For any of you that have me as a friend on facebook you will also see that I have been really busy with our back garden. The next project out there is to extend the large shed to gain valuable work space so we can turn the smaller shed into dust free storage and finishing environment.

Please feel free to have a look at out website we will be updating and adding items on there very soon.

Thanks for reading.