Saturday, 12 February 2011

Come on Come on Let's Stick Together...

I'm trying to get my head around all of these online social networking thingumybobs and as there are so many involved I am trying to get them all connected! Keeping in mind I've had a bad cold for the past few days and between that and meds my head is a bit fuzzy so don't yell at me if I break them all! LOL

Soooo we have our FaceBook page changed to the new style:

Our twitter page:

and of course this blog.

Sooooo, IF I have done this right, this blog should show up on all 3! Wish me luck xxx


  1. *sigh* I had to share it to the other sites manually

  2. Ohhh correction - it was just delayed. So now I have multiple posts of the same thing haha.

  3. I am trying to get to grips with it all aswell!

    I have put you on my Stylish Blogger Award list at

    Hope this works!