Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Project polly tunnel the completion & hens, ducks and geese

As a continuation of Mondays blog here is the completed polly tunnel photo blog and just for Wendy at 1st unique gifts some pictures of the chickens aswell :)

Just about done some tightening up and thats it :)

Both doors open for a clear look through.

Ohh one of the ponds I dug last year (by hand)

From the back.

it's like a greenhouse in here

I did put a raised bed in on the right but I was tatally knackered and forgot to take a picture

This is a Shed that we built last year (used) and I refitted inside for the chickens

Just getting out this morning to get their grub.

There is a food tray in there somewhere :)

Notice the only duck? This is the duck that was raised by a chicken and now has an identity crisis.

The second shed being opened and out come the geese, the ducks and the rest of the chickens

The second paond i dug last year for the ducks to have a wee swim in.
Well there you go polly tunnel completed.



  1. Excellent work... it all looks great and the chickens, ducks and geese all look right at home!!

    Would love to have a small holding or somewhere suitable to have something like this but at the moment it just isn't possible.

    Also love your pond... looks lovely!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Laura xx

  2. Looks great Drew....well done x

  3. Looking great! Proud of you babe xxx

  4. Just for the record it's not mine I just do odd jobs and maintanance for the lady who owns it. I met her several years ago at a car bootsale when I was advertising on the table that I did some joinery and ended up making her a chicken run for chicks. Since then I have done all sorts on the small holding. I think I will blog about it in a few weeks when I get some updated pictures of the after to add to the before ones I have.

  5. Love the pics Drew - thanks for sharing!

    Chickens are really comical when they are running for food - mine would come as fast as their little legs would carry them whenever I opened the kitchen door (cos they knew that's where the food came from!) but now they're in their run we don't see that.

    I also love your polytunnel. We have 2 derelict greenhouses which need replacing and one of those would be a great idea.

  6. Well if you do get a polly tunnel Wendy, First tunels are a good company to deal with. Glad you liked the pictures.