Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Project polly tunnel the completion & hens, ducks and geese

As a continuation of Mondays blog here is the completed polly tunnel photo blog and just for Wendy at 1st unique gifts some pictures of the chickens aswell :)

Just about done some tightening up and thats it :)

Both doors open for a clear look through.

Ohh one of the ponds I dug last year (by hand)

From the back.

it's like a greenhouse in here

I did put a raised bed in on the right but I was tatally knackered and forgot to take a picture

This is a Shed that we built last year (used) and I refitted inside for the chickens

Just getting out this morning to get their grub.

There is a food tray in there somewhere :)

Notice the only duck? This is the duck that was raised by a chicken and now has an identity crisis.

The second shed being opened and out come the geese, the ducks and the rest of the chickens

The second paond i dug last year for the ducks to have a wee swim in.
Well there you go polly tunnel completed.


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Does this count as crafting?

Well time has passed somewhat fast recently and I have been up to alsorts. I dont really know if you would count these projects as an actual craft but I thought I would share a photo blog of what I have been up to this past week. After you have read this you should pop along to Wendy at 1st unique gifts and read her blog and the others that join in on hand made monday

Marking out the ground for a polly tunnel on Tuesday

Two hoops in place

4 hoops in place with support rail

all the metal work now complete and end of day one

day 2 (friday) putting up the timber door frames

all the timber work on the frame complete
I ran out of time on Friday and will have to go back on Tuesday next week to finnish the plastic and put the sliding doors in place.

On Thursday I was at my mums allotment where she had a bit of unusable ground beside the shed so she wanted decking put there.

the ground was covered to help stop weeds coming up.

Frame put together now to start leveling it before the boards go on.

Stuart cleaning the roof, he can now reach it.

all the boards nearly in place, just waiting on some more screws to arrive.

all done and this is my mum from behind looking at daniel

I drank the coke lol.

all done and tidying up to go home :)
So there you go a photo blog of what I was up to this week  maybe not crafty but i am feeling the effects of using muscles that have been dormant for about 6 months.
Hope you like the blog