Monday, 21 February 2011

Week Four Handmade Monday.

Where does the time go to? Well week #4 over at >>Wendy's blog <<so go along have a read and enjoy looking at everyones blogs that are taking part

I have been a right lazy bugger this week. I did go and get my towbar fitted - now I just need to find an auto electrician to help me wire it up. I also went and picked up the trailer and will have to get round to giving it a facelift as it's an old trailer tent with the gubbings ripped out.

We also had 2 nights taken up with a course at the Business Gateway here and were given a years subscription to a Mr Site package so we hope to be up and running soon with our very own site.

Anyway, this is me and as it was the face behind the facebook page this week I will use the same photo here to give you all a laugh. I deliberately waited until I had been in the shed and doing some dusty work to look my absolute best for a photo. I also took the time not to shave.

Anyway the results of my getting covered in sawdust for this photo are more display and storage ideas so without further ado..............

What, a shelf? I hear you say?
Yes it's a shelf - one that hangs on a wall and not lying on the floor like above. It's basically for those that have no desk space left but lots of wall space.

Handy having kids sometimes!

Well here it is against a wall. The hand belongs to my daughter but I could supply a few rawl plugs and some screws to hold it up as I'm sure she would take offence at me selling her to hold it up for you.

So that was Saturday and I'm not showing my botched turning I did lol.

Sunday.......and this was the end result.

Plier rack.

Ooh my what a lot of pliers you have!

So what is it? Well thats a set of pliers so I assume that's what it's meant for but I added a little extra and put a rail that can be used for storing reels of wire etc.

You broke it!

Chopping board is an optional extra.

The overall design should hold between 10 and 15 pliers depending on how much of a plier addict you are and the removable reel rod with, may I add, hand turned knobs seems to work really well.

Well, there you have it. My week, eventful and finally a crafty weekend but I do have something to show for the week I suppose.

I also wanted to show this off as we make hand painted signs or routered signs

See you again next week!