Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brand new sharp chisel V's Left hand

Yes the Chisel won. I have managed to maim my left hand and have to get surgery on Sunday to fix it. I wont post the horrible pics but well here is one that will give you an idea of how it is.


What else can you do with a NHS sick pot?
Well I will update how things went after the drugs wear off tomorrow.


  1. ouch - hope you feel better soon! lovely hat ;-)

  2. Owwweee - dangerous thing them chisels!

    Hope you manage to get it all fixed without any long term damage & are better soon.

    Think you might need the next size up of NHS sick pot!!

    Ali x

  3. Ouch - the dangers of being a craftsman I suppose! Hope it mends ok - take care.
    Love the hat, though maybe you could paint or stain it to avoid that 'clinical' look?!

  4. Oh no! hope there's no permanent damage.
    You must be more careful you know tisk tisk!

    Get well soon darl xxx